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If you are looking to rent, buy, repair, tour or need accessories, TOP JOLT CYCLE is for you. Their passion for cycling is passed on to each and every customer they serve. Service with a smile comes easy when you love what you do!

Top Jolt Cycle San Diego

We have many years of experience and looking forward to answer any questions.

Location for customer pick-up/drop-off by appointment is at 1919 Cable Street, San Diego, CA 92107 with at least a 4-Hour in advance reservation during busy seasons.

At Top Jolt Cycle, you’ll get an excellent bicycle or ebike rental at an affordable price. With plenty of bikes or ebikes in stock, you may choose from several different ebike, road, tri-athlon, mountain, hybrid, cruiser, tandem, and kid bikes.

For your convenience, we provide delivery to any hotel or residence in the San Diego area. All deliveries must be reserved 24 hours in advance to guarantee a proper delivery. FREE delivery/pick-up within 5 mile radius of 92107 area. San Diego is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the USA. San Diego and its surrounding areas offer many roads with bicycle lanes and a 15 mile bike path along certain beaches, bays, and rivers.

The bike paths offer many attractions such as the famous Old Town, Cabrillo National Monument, USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, Ocean Beaches longest pier on the West Coast, La Jolla Cove, Balboa Park, Silver Strand, Coronado, Mission Gorge, and Mission Beach roller coaster.

Bicycle maps are available to help you find your way around San Diego.

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Road Bicycle

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*Note: Half day rentals are for 6 hours and do not have to begin at 7 am

EBike – Green World Bike E-Freedom & E-Spirit

Daily $75; 8hr $65; 4hr $50; 2hr $35; Additional Day $40; Week $255


Road Bike- Trek Madone 4.5 & Scattante R6600 – Carbon/Ultegra/Dura-Ace

Daily $75; Additional Day $30; Week $225

Road Bike

Mountain Bike / Hybrid- Women & Men – 18-Speed

Daily $35; 8hr $30; 4hr $25; 2hr $20 Additional Day $15; Week $65


Cruiser- Women & Men – Single Speed

Daily $30; 8hr $25; 4hr $20; 2hr $15; Additional Day $10; Week $60

Cruiser (2)

Kids – BMX or Cruiser

Daily $30; 8hr $25; 4hr $20; 2hr $15; Additional Day $10; Week $60

Kids (2)


Beach Gear

Beach Chair – All Day $10

Body Board – All Day $20; Half Day $15

Soft Surf Board – All Day $35; Half Day $25


Electric Bicycle

Our ace mechanics will restore your injured bike, whether it’s a minor tune-up or a major overhaul. Seriously good work and really reasonable rates.

Each Diagnostic: $40

Parts replacement:
Replace Electric Bike Brake Handle Assembly $40.00
Replace Electric Bike Control Module $65.00
Replace Electric Bike Tire/Tube Motorside $40.00
Replace wiring and connectors/ Time and materials

Standard Bicycle

Labor Rates

The minimum service charge is $5.00.

Tune Ups

Includes: True and tension wheels; adjust front and rear hubs, bottom bracket, headset bearings; adjust brakes and gears; wipe down the frame and lube chain. Also includes installation of brake pads and any cables.
Drive Train Cleaning Includes: Washing crankset, chain, cassette, front and rear derailleur in an industrial parts cleaner. Also includes installation of new chain and cassette.

Standard Bicycle $79.00
Single Speed/Coaster (Adult & Children’s bikes) $49.00
Standard Bicycle with Drive Train Cleaning $119.00
Full Suspension (includes checking all pivots) $89.00
Full Suspension with Drive Train Cleaning $129.00
Tandem or Recumbent $119.00
Tandem or Recumbent w/ Drive Train Cleaning $149.00
New Bike Tune Up after 90 Days $39.00

Additional Fees

Charge for extra dirty/rusty bikes $15.00
Service Appointment Reservation* $10.00
Cancelled Service On Bikes (after check-in) $10.00
Disposal of Unwanted Bicycles $10.00
Rush Service $20.00

*Credited toward work. No refund if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment


Includes: Complete disassembly of bike down to frame; thorough cleaning and inspection of frame; thorough washing of drive train in industrial parts cleaner; reassembly with new bearings and grease as needed.
Winter Rate applies from November 1st through February 28th.

Standard Bicycle $199.00
Standard Bicycle Winter Rate $159.00
Tandem or Recumbent $239.00
Tandem or Recumbent Winter Rate $209.00
Apply Frame Saver to stripped steel frame $40.00

Wheels & Hubs

Flat Repair $10.00
True Wheel $15.00 – $20.00
Replace Spoke and True Front Wheel $20.00 – $25.00
Replace Spoke and True Rear Wheel $25.00 – $30.00
Adjust Hub $10.00 – $20.00
Glue Tubular (plus glue) $40.00 and UP
Hub Overhauls
Front Hub $18.00- $25.00
Rear Hub $20.00 – $35.00


Derailleur Adjustment $12.00
Derailleur Replacement $20.00
Replace Cassette $12.00
Replace Chain $12.00
Replace Cable and Adjust $15.00
Replace Cable and Adjust with housing $20.00
Rebuild Ergo Lever (each) $50.00
Replace/Align Gear Tab $25.00
Install STI/Ergo levers (road or mountain) $75.00
Install MTB shifters $35.00


Adjust Rear or Front Brake $12.00
Replace Cable and Adjust $15.00
Replace Cable and Adjust with housing $20.00
Replace Cable and Adjust w/Specialty (i.e. Nokon, etc.) cables $25.00
Replace Brake Pads (all types) – per wheel price $15.00
Replace non-STI/Ergo levers $35.00
Mechanical Disc Brakes
Installation Set-Up – per wheel price $30.00

Headset & Bottom Bracket

Adjust Bottom Bracket or Headset $15.00
Repack/Replace Bottom Bracket or Headset $30.00
Install fork (includes cutting steer tube) $40.00
Install fork w/ headset install $60.00
Removal or installation of cups in frame only $15.00
Removal of seized Bottom Bracket (per hour) $65.00

Bicycle Boxing/Shipping

Box to Ship Standard Bicycle Deluxe $45.00
Box to Ship Tandem (customer provides box) $85.00
Assemble Bicycle From Box $45.00

Accessory Installation

Change Stem and/or Handlebar $20.00 – $40.00
Tape Handlebars $12.00
Rear Rack $15.00
Baby Seat $20.00
Fenders $25.00
Kickstand $5.00
Aerobars $20.00 – $40.00
All other accessories $5.00 and UP

Handle Bar Computer Installation

Computer install Single/Dual Pickup $15.00 – $25.00
Computer battery install and reprogram $10.00

Parts Upgrade

Drive Train Upgrade Includes: Installation of shifters, derailleur, crank, bb, chain, and cassetteParts Upgrades
Wheel Upgrade Includes: Installation of tires, tubes, and cassette.
Prices do not include taping bars, wheel builds, tubular gluing or bleeding of hydraulic brakes.

Drive Train Upgrade $120.00
Wheel Upgrade $30.00
Complete parts swap, including fork $180.00 – 225.00

Car Rack Installation Rates

Applies only to car racks and rack accessories purchased At Wheelworks.

Feet with Load Bars $40.00
Accessories (bike mounts, Fairings, etc) per accessory $10.00
Roof Top Boxes $25.00
Assembly and Installation of Hitch Mount Racks $20.00 – $40.00
Removal of Racks and Accessories per hour $65.00

Travel Case Rental Rates

Hard cases available.

First week $50.00

For Sale


e-Trolley Standard Demo- $500 Colors Orange or Green Frame


Frame: Iron Alloy Motor: 250W
Battery: Samsung 36V10A Display: LCD Display
Saddle: Velo Seat Speed: 16 Mph
Weight: 50 Pounds Range: 25 Miles



Spirit- $1100

Frame: Aluminum Alloy Motor: 350W
Battery: Samsung 36V11 6Ah Display: LCD Display
Saddle: Velo Speed: 18 Mph
Weight: 50 Pounds Range: 32 Miles

e-Freedom – $2200

ON SALE $1800


Frame: Aluminum Alloy Motor: 500W
Battery: Samsung 36V11.6A Display: Premium LCD Display
Saddle: Velo Seat Speed: 20 Mph
Weight: 50 Pounds Range: 35+ Miles

ET (Easy Transport)

We call this bike ET. It stands for Easy Transport. This wonderful and new scooter can be folded and carried on trains, buses, trunks of car’s , back seats, etc. It will carry weights up to 350 lbs. Comes in 3 colors, black, red,and white.

48volt battery
350 watt motor
Lithium Battery

Rough Rider

Revolve bikes all come with what we call the Trifecta. Three ways of traveling. Manual-just like a normal bike. Second is pedal assist. There are 3 settings for pedal assist. They are a little help, a little more help and then a lot more. The motor will kick in and help you move faster. The last method is just throttle.Comes in two colors, black and grey.

Guided Tours

The Ultimate San Diego Bike Tour ($160) Book Now

Pedal a hybrid or road bike though San Diego’s most popular areas as well as locations off the beaten path on the 5-hour ultimate bike tour of San Diego.

Electric Bicycle Tour of Old Town, Mission Bay, and Mission Beach ($71) Book Now A�

Try something new on your San Diego vacation! See places you can’t prepscholar cost get to in your car or on a tour bus as you try out a unique and fun Electric Bike during a 2-hour ride with the assistance of an Ebike.


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Lithium 48Volt 10Ah Kenda 27.5′ Wheels and Tires
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Aluminum Alloy Frame Front & Back Disc Brakes