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Location for customer pick-up/drop-off by appointment is at 1919 Cable Street, San Diego, CA 92107 with at least a 4-Hour in advance reservation during busy seasons.

AtA�Top Jolt Cycle,A�you’ll get an excellent bicycle or ebike rental at an affordable price. With plenty of bikes or ebikes in stock, you may choose from several different ebike, road, tri-athlon, mountain, hybrid, cruiser, tandem, and kid bikes.

For your convenience, we provide delivery to any hotel or residence in the San Diego area. All deliveries must be reservedA�24 hours in advance to guarantee a properA�delivery. FREE delivery/pick-up withinA�5 mile radius of 92107 area. San DiegoA�is one of the mostA�bicycle friendly cities in the USA. San DiegoA�and its surrounding areas offer many roads with bicycle lanes and a 15 mile bike path along certain beaches, bays, and rivers.

The bike paths offer many attractions such as the famous Old Town,A�Cabrillo National Monument, USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, Ocean BeachesA�longestA�pier on the West Coast, La Jolla Cove, Balboa Park, SilverA�Strand, Coronado, Mission Gorge, and MissionA�Beach roller coaster.

Bicycle maps are available to help you find your way around San Diego.

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Road Bicycle A�

Enter the Code ILOVEBIKING to get 10% off when you rent at least 2 bikes!
*Note: Half day rentals are for 6 hours and do not have to begin at 7 am

EBike – Green World Bike E-Freedom & E-Spirit

Daily $75; 8hr $65; 4hr $50; 2hr $35; Additional Day $40; Week $255


Road Bike- Trek Madone 4.5 & Scattante R6600 – Carbon/Ultegra/Dura-Ace

Daily $75; Additional Day $30; Week $225

Road Bike

Mountain Bike / Hybrid- Women & Men – 18-Speed

Daily $35; 8hr $30; 4hr $25; 2hr $20 Additional Day $15; Week $65


Cruiser- Women & Men – Single Speed

Daily $30; 8hr $25; 4hr $20; 2hr $15; Additional Day $10; Week $60

Cruiser (2)

Kids – BMX or Cruiser

Daily $30; 8hr $25; 4hr $20; 2hr $15; Additional Day $10; Week $60

Kids (2)


Beach Gear A�

Beach Chair – All Day $10

Body Board – All Day $20; Half Day $15

Soft Surf Board – All Day $35; Half Day $25



Electric Bicycle

Our ace mechanics will restore your injured bike, whether it’s a minor tune-up or a major overhaul. Seriously good work and really reasonable rates.

Each Diagnostic: $40

Parts replacement:
Replace Electric Bike Brake Handle Assembly $40.00
Replace Electric Bike Control Module $65.00
Replace Electric Bike Tire/Tube Motorside $40.00
Replace wiring and connectors/ Time and materials

Standard Bicycle

Labor Rates

The minimum service charge is $5.00.

Tune Ups

Includes: True and tension wheels; adjust front and rear hubs, bottom bracket, headset bearings; adjust brakes and gears; wipe down the frame and lube chain. Also includes installation of brake pads and any cables.
Drive Train Cleaning Includes: Washing crankset, chain, cassette, front and rear derailleur in an industrial parts cleaner. Also includes installation of new chain and cassette.

Standard Bicycle $79.00
Single Speed/Coaster (Adult & Children’s bikes) $49.00
Standard Bicycle with Drive Train Cleaning $119.00
Full Suspension (includes checking all pivots) $89.00
Full Suspension with Drive Train Cleaning $129.00
Tandem or Recumbent $119.00
Tandem or Recumbent w/ Drive Train Cleaning $149.00
New Bike Tune Up after 90 Days $39.00

Additional Fees

Charge for extra dirty/rusty bikes $15.00
Service Appointment Reservation* $10.00
Cancelled Service On Bikes (after check-in) $10.00
Disposal of Unwanted Bicycles $10.00
Rush Service $20.00

*Credited toward work. No refund if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment


Includes: Complete disassembly of bike down to frame; thorough cleaning and inspection of frame; thorough washing of drive train in industrial parts cleaner; reassembly with new bearings and grease as needed.
Winter Rate applies from November 1st through February 28th.

Standard Bicycle $199.00
Standard Bicycle Winter Rate $159.00
Tandem or Recumbent $239.00
Tandem or Recumbent Winter Rate $209.00
Apply Frame Saver to stripped steel frame $40.00

Wheels & Hubs

Flat Repair $10.00
True Wheel $15.00 – $20.00
Replace Spoke and True Front Wheel $20.00 – $25.00
Replace Spoke and True Rear Wheel $25.00 – $30.00
Adjust Hub $10.00 – $20.00
Glue Tubular (plus glue) $40.00 and UP
Hub Overhauls
Front Hub $18.00- $25.00
Rear Hub $20.00 – $35.00


Derailleur Adjustment $12.00
Derailleur Replacement $20.00
Replace Cassette $12.00
Replace Chain $12.00
Replace Cable and Adjust $15.00
Replace Cable and Adjust with housing $20.00
Rebuild Ergo Lever (each) $50.00
Replace/Align Gear Tab $25.00
Install STI/Ergo levers (road or mountain) $75.00
Install MTB shifters $35.00


Adjust Rear or Front Brake $12.00
Replace Cable and Adjust $15.00
Replace Cable and Adjust with housing $20.00
Replace Cable and Adjust w/Specialty (i.e. Nokon, etc.) cables $25.00
Replace Brake Pads (all types) – per wheel price $15.00
Replace non-STI/Ergo levers $35.00
Mechanical Disc Brakes
Installation Set-Up – per wheel price $30.00

Headset & Bottom Bracket

Adjust Bottom Bracket or Headset $15.00
Repack/Replace Bottom Bracket or Headset $30.00
Install fork (includes cutting steer tube) $40.00
Install fork w/ headset install $60.00
Removal or installation of cups in frame only $15.00
Removal of seized Bottom Bracket (per hour) $65.00

Bicycle Boxing/Shipping

Box to Ship Standard Bicycle Deluxe $45.00
Box to Ship Tandem (customer provides box) $85.00
Assemble Bicycle From Box $45.00

Accessory Installation

Change Stem and/or Handlebar $20.00 – $40.00
Tape Handlebars $12.00
A�Rear Rack $15.00
Baby Seat $20.00
Fenders $25.00
Kickstand $5.00
Aerobars $20.00 – $40.00
All other accessories $5.00 and UP

Handle Bar Computer Installation

Computer install Single/Dual Pickup $15.00 – $25.00
Computer battery install and reprogram $10.00

Parts Upgrade

Drive Train Upgrade Includes: Installation of shifters, derailleur, crank, bb, chain, and cassetteParts Upgrades
Wheel Upgrade Includes: Installation of tires, tubes, and cassette.
Prices do not include taping bars, wheel builds, tubular gluing or bleeding of hydraulic brakes.

Drive Train Upgrade $120.00
Wheel Upgrade $30.00
Complete parts swap, including fork $180.00 – 225.00

Car Rack Installation Rates

Applies only to car racks and rack accessories purchased At Wheelworks.

Feet with Load Bars $40.00
Accessories (bike mounts, Fairings, etc) per accessory $10.00
Roof Top Boxes $25.00
Assembly and Installation of Hitch Mount Racks $20.00 – $40.00
Removal of Racks and Accessories per hour $65.00

Travel Case Rental Rates

Hard cases available.

First week $50.00

For Sale


e-TrolleyA�Standard Demo- $500 Colors Orange orA�Green Frame


Frame: Iron A�Alloy Motor: 250W
Battery: Samsung 36V10A Display: LCD Display
Saddle: Velo Seat Speed: 16 Mph
Weight: 50 Pounds Range: 25 Miles



Spirit- $1100

Frame: Aluminum Alloy Motor: 350W
Battery: Samsung 36V11 6Ah Display: LCD Display
Saddle: Velo Speed: 18 Mph
Weight: 50 Pounds Range: 32 Miles

e-Freedom – $2200

ON SALE $1800


Frame: Aluminum Alloy Motor: 500W
Battery: Samsung 36V11.6A Display: Premium LCD Display
Saddle: Velo Seat Speed: 20 Mph
Weight: 50 Pounds Range: 35+ Miles

ET (Easy Transport)

We call this bike ET. It stands for Easy Transport. This wonderful and new scooter can be folded and carried on trains, buses, trunks of car’s , back seats, etc. It will carry weights up to 350 lbs. Comes in 3 colors, black, red,A�and white.

48volt battery
350 watt motor
Lithium Battery

Rough Rider

Revolve bikes all come with what we call the Trifecta. Three ways of traveling. Manual-just like a normal bike. Second is pedal assist. There are 3 settings for pedal assist. They are a little help, a little more help and then a lot more. The motor will kick in and help you move faster. The last method is just throttle.A�Comes in two colors, black and grey.

Lithium 48Volt 10Ah Kenda 27.5′ Wheels and Tires
500 Watt Brushless Driving Range is 25-30 Miles
Pedal Assist/Throttle SpeedA�25 Mph
Weight is 62 lbs Shimano 21 Speed Gears
Aluminum Alloy Frame Front & Back Disc Brakes

Guided Tours

The Ultimate San Diego Bike Tour ($160) Book Now A�

Pedal a hybrid or road bike though San Diego’s most popular areas as well as locations off the beaten path on the 5-hour ultimate bike tour of San Diego.
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Electric Bicycle Tour of Old Town, Mission Bay, and Mission Beach ($71) Book Now A�

Try something new on your San Diego vacation! See places you can’t prepscholar cost get to in your car or on a tour bus as you try out a unique and fun Electric Bike during a 2-hour ride with the assistance of an Ebike.


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